Adding an Express Circuit at YouFit Can Enhance Your Gym Routine

Finding time to exercise can be a struggle. Between work, family life, and daily errands, how does one find time to still go to the gym? At Youfit, health comes first. However, fitness may not be your top priority, which is why Youfit strives to offer the best amenities in  Tampa!

The Express Circuit

The Express Circuit consists of short interval exercises that require minimal effort and focus, meaning you can get a quality workout in even if you’re not the most physically advanced individual. Leave the best gym in Tampa feeling more energized than when you walked in by jumping in and maximizing every available minute you have. The Express Circuit gives you a total body workout that leaves you ready to seize the day.

Are you new to Youfit? Not a problem! The Express Circuit walks you through all the basic exercises and equipment needed to advance you from a novice to an intermediate lifter without a hitch. Already an intermediate lifter? Perfect! Youfit recommends using the Express Circuit as a way to shake up your routine without giving up a quality lift.

The Express Circuit uses various beneficial exercises, including:

  • Chest Press
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Abdominal
  • Shoulder Press
  • Tricep Extension
  • Cardio
  • Bicep Curl
  • Leg Press
  • Seated Row
  • Leg Extension

All of these exercises target a specific muscle group in the body, coming together to produce a quality full-body workout. And don’t forget to end your Express Circuit with a nice cooldown! Make sure you stretch after the Express Circuit to relax your body after your intense workout.

YouGX Group Classes

If you need some more motivation, consider joining a YouGX group fitness class! There’s a class for anyone looking to get either some weightlifting or cardio exercise in. By working out in a YouGX class, you’ll not only get a good sweat, but you’ll also meet and connect with other gym members and our skilled instructors. 

Cardio Kickboxing

A fan favorite YouGX class at, Cardio Kickboxing, helps improve your strength, heart health, speed, flexibility, and coordination. This high-energy class consists of cardio and martial arts movements that will burn calories and help you get lean and toned!

Make sure you wear athletic clothing so you can jab, kick, an uppercut to the groove of the best music around.

Total Sculpt

Total Sculpt is a  popular YouGX class at Youfit that combines sculpting and compound conditioning practices. You will burn calories and get toned from head to toe! Not only will this group exercise class fire up your metabolism, but it will also prevent the development of motion limiting diseases. This means you’ll not only going to look younger, but you’ll also feel younger too. Get your body totally sculpted today at the best gym in  Tampa!


Yoga offers full-body adjustments guaranteed to upgrade your essentialness and feeling of prosperity while also improving adaptability, quality, and balance. During this group exercise class, you’ll not only achieve a center of gravity but peace of mind! This time is for you, so bring your own towel and water and be ready to stretch, strength, and smile with us tonight.

When you take up a YouGX class, you’ll not only get a good sweat, but you’ll also meet and connect with other gym members and our skilled instructors. Come enjoy the most enjoyable and inviting gym in  Tampa!